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Freestyle Verse

Only 13 when I 1st lit the blunt up

State of California is where I see the sun up

Valley born and raised till I see a come up

Watch what you say like a secret undercover

Use to kick flows, bragged about the wrong things

Use to jump fences, pulling licks in a white tee

Now I’m educated fully lit on the daily

Now I make hits sound sick when you play ’em

Talk a lot of truth but most don’t want to hear it

Teach ’em what it do, some even say they with it It

really doesn’t matter long as I’m committed

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Some are even madder just because of how I spit it

Use to pour lean pop e called thizzles

Use to the most no hope when I was little

I was so gone On one who woulda figured

I would transform Reborn, transfigured

Why live life if we’re not pursuing truth?

We swear we know something  but we really just assume

We justify our wrongs and point out what others do

We try to play the victims like we have something to prove

Use to not care didn’t think there was a purpose

Only thought of self, no good I was crooked

Till I thought about it and realized it was worthless

To keep living life without a reason that is worth it.

Free choice, but most following the crowd

They teach us what to think ever since we are a child

All that’s ever thought is to glorify the self

Tell me where’s the logic?   Man, it’s nowhere to be found.

Picture perfect when we pose, yet we’re dirtier than soap

Wearing new clothes, tryna cover up our faults.

Don’t treat ’em as evil as they are, but as good as you can be

Don’t cover up the scars that made you who you see

but try and find the truth regarding what you think

and don’t believe in everything or you’ll fall for anything.

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