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Validate Beliefs

16 with a dream seemed like reality,

use to see things and make them my property.

Use to think things, without thinking logically,

and the effects they could have on society.

I would only see what I wanna see,

use to always say there’s no catching me.

Had the police on my back so oftenly.

Honestly… care more about me, probably.

Many in the Valley, were victims of my doings,

I use to hop fences, to the game I was a student.

Crept into homes, proceeded with the looting,

came up on the daily for those things that I was using.

Messed up a lot of lives, mine that included,

the mess led to a message that forever changed my views and

can’t nothing change a person like the truth does,

don’t believe something until you’re very certain.

Listen up, quick to judge no such thing.

If you pick it up, quick enough, you can achieve.

Set out and seek, analyze beliefs,

test out and check their validity.

Stupid me, refused to see,

refused to think beyond pleasuring me,

but it’s not about myself like it claimed to be.

There’s a whole world of knowledge and there’s history,

but first ask yourself what you truly think,

theres a reason we’re here in reality.

Unless you believe differently, to me logic points to a mind, G O D.

Without a moral standard, emotions become ilusions,

all thinks become permissible with eternity’s inclusion,

but one know when they’ve been wronged, of that there’s no discussion,

but how can one be wronged, when we don’t believe in nothing?

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