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See what I bring, marvel at them

Look all my words like a handful of gems

Now, who I offend with the words that I send?

They staring at him.


Scheme and they plot

Trying to figure a way to take what I got

Take what I have, it ain’t bothering me

I’ll get it right back, test me and see.


Into the sea, it’s depths are unknown,

like trying to live this life on your own

can’t,¬†won’t, lose this hope that you hold, I hope

We’re told how to act since back in the day,

but demons attack us in every way.

Scary to say, the life that we live

Is wrong, I know, the things that I did.

Look at our life, evil and right

My oh my, I’m wishing that I,

had figured it out long ago

I’ve worded it out in this song I wrote.


Stealing and lying,

Lying and stealing

The Lust of the Flesh, selfish ambitions


Decisions inflicted conditions I’m in,

and I ask for forgiveness for every sin.


Thanking my God, for every breath

All the time we need to repent

Daily die

Get rid of the sin you hold inside


Told a lie

Called it the truth

Why oh why we do what we do…

Wonder and ask, all the time

Humble yourself, forget your pride.

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