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Freestyle Verse

Wisdom is fundamental

The main essential that must be saught

Life’s principles being forgotten by most of all

Many have identified the obstacle

But are forced to conform even if notions aren’t plausible

On a mission, making sure they don’t miss it

I almost missed it, no objectives or senses

Just a hot mess I was in dude

I was high when I graduated high-school

No life, no saying what I might do

God in my own eyes

Till I fell, lived hell for a short while

Little did I know

While I broke into homes

And I stole what I stole

Robbed what I robbed

Only job was being lost

Every step to the left when I should of did right

The appeals one feels, distort and blind

Made alive,

and I arose in my

In my eyes, I arose a hope

Seeking truth, give me facts not opinions

Narrow road leads back to the source

Our past is past, the present is the present

Wrapped and obsessed with the truth that is present

Very mess, develops the rest of me

Only God arrives and connects with me

Always protecting me

What is your life’s expectancy

What are our views collectively

As a society?

What do we really mean?

What do we really seek?

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