About Ananomyx

Who is Ananomyx? (It's Pronounced Anonymous).

Ananomyx is a Central Valley artist with a diversity of roles.  First and foremost, if you need to know one thing about Ananomyx, it is that he believes it does not matter if you know his name.  

Ananomyx was born in Merced California.  As a teenager, Ananomyx began a life a crime at 13.  It did not take long for him to get arrested, and by 19, he had made his way to prison.

Anaomyx went into prison asleeep, but while incarcerated, came alive through knowledge and made a promise that he was going to go back out into the world and make a positive difference in the world around him.  Since then (2012), Ananomyx has been out and has continued to strive forward.  He works in tech, and is enrolled in school.  He helps business create websites and aids in marketing and development.  On his free time he makes music (though he feels its been a minute).  He is learning to play the piano and continually enjoys to help others and teach through avenues such as his Youtube channel and website, We Will Code.  He is planning on writing a book in the next few years regarding an argument for Universal Moral Standards.