The Same Change, An Ananomyx Writing About Humanity’s Constant Struggle Within

A Poem About Humanity’s Constant Struggles, “The Same Change”

The whole world has changed,

nothing remains the same.

Though humanity is still corrupt as when it all began.


Why “The Same Change” Speaks to One’s Constant Struggles

Universally, we share the same fate. The Same Change. Sometimes we share similar personality traits, as well as character flaws. We struggle to live up to our own expectations. Is there one that says they are free from any flaw? If you think you are, would those around you say the same about you? Oxford Languages defines “corrupt” as “change or debase by making errors or unintentional alterations”. If you ever explain in a way that changes the meaning of your words from their original meaning, you are speaking in a corrupt manner. We also see corruption defined as “having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain”. So if you have ever duped another person into believing a falsehood, for your own gain, you have been corrupt.

Many have at one time or another been visited upon by corruption through anger. Anger causes one to lash out in ways that bring out the corruption within us. Anger gives way for resentment to enter the picture. Once resentment enters, then bitterness may arrive. These visitors lead to losing one’s reasons for life’s meaning, or better yet, to defining its purpose as meaningless. Once this is believed, all manners of corruption are justifiable. Though there has been much positive change in society since humanity arose from the ground, and though we have sophisticated in a manner that is beyond baffling, corruption is still a problem that we will be visited by on chance occasions, and how we respond to it the first time, may make or break us. Just as death is a constant reminder of our finitude and limitations, corruption is a thing that lives side by side with humanity, ever ready to take you by the hand, if you let it. The following video is an intro to a series and book I want to create in the future, the words of the video can be found here.

Ch 1 The Self, Universal Moral Standard – Absolute Values and Subjective Humanity

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