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Ananomyx Hiphop Track, Lust of my Flesh, Lust of the Flesh

“Lust of the my Flesh” is a song created by Ananomyx a few months after his release from prison. This was around the time he first began creating music that attempted to navigate moral standards and the topic of what is right, and what is wrong. The fact that we all battle with doing what we see as right and wrong is addressed throughout the track. The fact that there are those that scheme and plot against us is important to consider, but doing what we know is right is the ultimate test.

Why the Lust of the Flesh Should Concern You

It is very easy to do what the rest of humanity does. We are taught to give in to self gratification whenever the opportunity arises. Patience and virtue is a thing long forgotten in our post-modern world. Excess of all things we deem appealing seems to be the way to go for many, yet this excess of gratification is the very thing which is leading to our anxiety and depression. No longer holding sacred those universal eternal standards which we lived by for so long. And though self gratification is not entirely to blame, one must look within objectively and ask if the thing we lust for is consuming us in an unhealthy, corrupt, or malignant matter.

Validate Beliefs, Lyrics by Ananomyx

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See what I bring, marvel at them

Look all my words like a handful of gems

Now, who I offend with the words that I send?

They staring at him.

Scheme and they plot

Trying to figure a way to take what I got

Take what I have, it ain’t bothering me

I’ll get it right back, test me and see.

Into the sea, it’s depths are unknown,

like trying to live this life on your own

can’t, won’t, lose this hope that you hold, I hope

We’re told how to act since back in the day,

but demons attack us in every way.

Scary to say, the life that we live

Is wrong, I know, the things that I did.

Look at our life, evil and right

My oh my, I’m wishing that I,

had figured it out long ago

I’ve worded it out in this song I wrote.

Stealing and lying,

Lying and stealing

The Lust of the Flesh, selfish ambitions

Decisions inflicted conditions I’m in,

and I ask for forgiveness for every sin.

Thanking my God, for every breath

All the time we need to repent

Daily die

Get rid of the sin you hold inside

Told a lie

Called it the truth

Why oh why we do what we do…

Wonder and ask, all the time

Humble yourself, forget your pride.

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