Many Don’t Even See It, Central California Deep Hiphop

A lot Going On, Many Don’t Even See It

Another deep hip-hop track speaking knowledge to those willing to listen. A constantly fast-changing world has gripped many and is slowly creating more and more automatons that are living breathing puppets to a broken system that amplifies self above others. In a world that has shifted in moral stances and has deemed subjective universal constants. Apathy is gripping new generations that arise more and more. Technological vices continue to grow as devices fight for our attention. The song below is trying to make people see that there are better objectives to seek. There is a better choice, not all choices are the same. “Many Don’t Even See It” is some Central Valley Music, but it’s also some new music for anyone seeking more than the mundane selfish ambitions we are taught to pursue. The lyrics are also below for anyone with accessibility issues.

Ananomyx – Many Don’t Even See It
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Many Don’t Even See It – Ananomyx Lyrics

A lot going on, many don’t even see it,

The world is shifted, the majority ain’t leading.

Leave reality for a dream believed in.

Instead what’s achieved is the wrong perspective.

More concern with digital inventions.

Hoping on a mention, from those we deem accepted.

We don’t seem to see manipulations.

Or examinations of the system we are placed in.

And it can lead to great benefits,

But we chase whips, chains, and Jeffersons.

What was common sense is now unaccepted?

Since a time that is ancient.

Since a time that is ageless.

A moment now captured and taken.

Have you developed the patience?

Paid attention to a purpose that makes sense?

What have you accomplished with the life you are faced with?

With the time you have played with?

Have you done something in the pursuit of greatness?

What’s greatness like bringing change to a nation?

What beats hate like love and dedication?

What things break trust in relationships?

Knowing answers about relation is,

of great help, an aid to save us.

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