Difining Order and Chaos

Chaos is ignorance.

Chaos is that which is unexplored or unfamiliar.

The disease which overtakes.

The losing of what is held dear.

An encounter with new and unfamiliar concepts.

When you don’t know what it is you are perceiving…

That is Chaos.

The freedom which Chaos possesses,

it’s very ability to strike randomly at any point,

its ability to cause change against the Orderliness of our individual reality,

and its ability to cause a ripple effect into the rest of reality,

should be a thing we observe constantly.

In contrast, 

Order is the known territory that is occupied.

The very structure of the familiar world around you.

Order is the public politeness we know to uphold.

The thing which reaches for constant normalcy and totalitarianism.

When your expectations are being met concerning the world around you…

That is Order.

We all contribute and tilt the forces at our disposal in a multitude of ways.  

The scale at which one contributes to Order and Chaos during existence can vary,

as well as the actual utility of our contribution.
Walking the center between Chaos and Order seems most ideal.

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