Life’s Randomness

I began somewhere from which I can’t recall.

Though my beginnings were manifestations of impulses of which I had no understanding or control, it is the case that there was embedded in me already a blueprint from which to build from. A random blueprint, a random set of genes passed down from a long time back from which I could attempt to build my self.

And build I did for the next couple of years. Until the gathering of thoughts formed the memories I have observed which revealed a narrative to me which I navigate through based on my freedom to choose and respond to the reality in which I am confined.

Randomly brought into existence from nothing. Put in a physical world. Container upon container upon container ad infinitum. We are in a universe, in a solar system, on a planet, in a continent, in a nation, in a state, in a town, in a side of that town in a house, in a body, in a brain, and even that breaks down into smaller containers. Containers and categories are all which exist in various ways in various places.

The fact we humans are self-aware shows we are not only containers, but we are active players in existence. Hierarchies of values allow us to make sense of things around us. We prioritize based on our worldview. Those things we hold the truest control us. Life’s randomness is subject to our interpretation.

To some, life seems random. To others, life seems exactly designed. To other’s only kind of designed, kind of random. Either way, all those beliefs require faith.

It makes more sense that order logic and personality arise from something orderly, logical, and personal. Life’s randomness seems only like a phrase to use when we are unaware of the processes behind something.

Randomness seems very similar to the word ignorance.

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