Life’s Struggle

We are forced into existence against our will and ponder the days of our life based on factors outside our control.

We assimilate into the immediate society which surrounds us and grow accustomed to the ideologies which most align with the voices within us, which grow based on different stimuli from our conception.

Once we are able to make our own choices, those choices are made based on conclusions that arise from the preconceived notions which have raised us.

There comes a point when we learn to project our consciousness above our very being and try to analyze the very being we call our own.

Not many do this with enough thought and meaning.  Some may wonder about it but quickly resume the automations they are enslaved to.

Be the one to examine everything about yourself and doubt all things you believe, in pursuit of the transcendent ideal that is obviously within us.  The very ideals we recognize and fail to live up to.

Find the truth which exists outside of our flawed perceptions.

Though, while alive we can never have the absolute truth, we can find certain truths scattered throughout reality.

Life might be full of struggle, pain being the most obvious of truths, but through that most obvious of truths we can seek out and find the meaning of why we are here, and embrace the good and beautiful and appreciate it fully, through knowledge of the pain we endure.

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