Why Some are Different Than Others

The Reason, Some are Different Than Others

Everybody gets a shot,

but not everyone gets a lot.

Some have it all, yet fall,

some have less but impress success into their thoughts.

How can one explain what is hard to grasp?

Let me try and delineate the thoughts I have.

Keep your eyes glued to the truth and to deceptions that are spoken,

every statement chosen before its even noticed is existent with a motive,

though that motive may change constantly since one changes perspective as emotions change instantly.

And how is this significant?

Why are some articulate,

While others seem to never get,

the art of being deliberate?

Everybody wants to learn things,

but most don’t take the time to learn them.

Everybody wants to own things,

but most won’t take the time to earn them.

You see it’s really great to try and make your fate and break some records,
but it’s even better when we place wisdom as the greatest treasure.

Stories that we’re holding keep the plot always unfolding.

Time must feel so lonely as it keeps on moving fast
waiting for eternity while all the moments pass.

It also grows impatient when we waste the only time we’ll ever have.

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