A Logical Creator

A Logical Creator

I believe a Creator exists logically.

I believe this Creator is a personal Creator.

This Creator has always existed and is therefore outside of the created universe (space, time, and matter), which according to a majority of scientist, began at a point in time.

(I understand not all believe in this idea of a Creator and I understand there have been people throughout the ages that never considered this concept of a Creator the way I understand it as well as people today with differences in each of our ideas regarding ultimate questions based on our upbringing and socialization.  The reasons I give below attempt to explain a way of looking at reality that makes sense regardless of one’s level of understanding of these ultimate things).

This Creator must be certain things and if this Being is those things, then logically reality can make sense.

If this Creator is not certain things,  then it would follow that Creator would not be worth considering.

But first, let’s consider other views against a personal Creator.

One view atheist attempt to use is the theory of evolution, which claims that all living things originated from things that weren’t alive (which is something we have never seen naturally and cannot even replicate in a laboratory).  To suggest data filled organisms came from non-data generating material is like saying we could throw a bunch of ink and paper together and hope to get a full novel out of it.  There are messages written in a novel and there are messages written into the fabric of our DNA which are basically an instruction book for life.  The theory of evolution requires a leap of faith to be able to conclude that life arose from non-life.  One can argue for micro-evolution though.  Micro-evolution is one species changing into different variations of the same species which we can observe in the world around us.  Macro-evolution, a rock one day becoming a tiger has never been observed and cannot be replicated in a laboratory, therefore seems illogical and irrational.

One could argue that the universe is eternal, and an impersonal force which has always existed.  One can say this impersonal force moves all things and unites all things or a similar variation as some pantheistic religions may argue.   The problem is that an impersonal force cannot make decisions or else it becomes a personal force.   Our universe and the constant laws in place, such as gravity or electromagnetism, started at a moment in time.  For an impersonal force to naturally produce all things that exist, from a point of singularity, without reason, motive, or objective seems unlikely.  In my opinion, it requires more faith to believe order, reason, and logic are a product of an impersonal force, then to believe that order, reason, and logic are a product of a personal Force.

Some say the universe is eternal and only appears to have begun,  Some suggest an accordion-like effect which causes our universe to explode into existence, then come back together, then repeat forevermore.  This does away with a Creator and leaves us with a universe which again has no objective reason behind its many apparent laws and order.  Since this happens infinitely, we are left with the possibility of our universe one day coming into existence.  This could continue to happen for eternity. This can sound appealing to many but in reality, leaves way more unanswered questions.  There is no way to even test this theory.  This also would require us to believe morality is an illusion (so actions can never be said to be objectively wrong) that is not real and that the universe and all its laws and constants are a product of chance.  The thing is, chance cannot create.  Chance is only the probability of something happening, not the action which actually caused all things to begin nor the thing that holds things together constantly..

Let’s get back to what this Creator must be.

The Creator must be these things:  all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving, & all-just.

The Creator must be all-powerful. 

The Creator must be all-powerful to bring space, matter and time into existence at a specific point in the past, along with setting all of the universal laws and constants which are constantly upheld.

The Creator created life from non-life and it’s a logical explanation for the origin of living things.

This intelligent Creator can be referred to as a Force or as God, but in reality, the words an individual uses to try and describe the Creator are limited to each one’s perception of reality and how one believes reality to be defined as.

If the Creator is not all-powerful then this type of creator cannot guarantee our protection absolutely.

The Creator must be all-Knowing. 

The creator must know all things.

If the Creator does not know all things, one could not fully trust such a Being.

The Creator knowing all-things does not mean one does not have free will.  Free will is a gift all people have.  If we do not have free-will then again nothing truly matters since things would be out of our control and that wouldn’t make sense.  From aborted fetuses who lived very short lives, to the oldest persons to have lived.  The Creator knows all thoughts every being has had,  is having, and will have.

The Creator also knows our understanding at the times we think all things and our intent.

The most important thing to note is that the Creator understands the level of understanding each being has.  A multitude of people can think the same thoughts but the thought may mean a different thing to each of them.  The Creator understands the level of one’s understanding when we think the thoughts we think and therefore the Creator doesn’t only know our thoughts, but our view of those thoughts and why we view things the way we do.  This is a  big reason we have no right to judge others (we can still make judgments based on facts and not assuming things we don’t understand), for we do not know the level of understanding another may have nor the reason they view reality the way they do.  It may be from genetic defects or handicaps, or the conditioning they experienced while growing up.  Only the Creator fully knows all things and can understand from another’s perspective absolutely.

The Creator must be all-loving. 

An all-powerful Creator must be all-loving.

If an all-powerful and all-knowing Creator exists but is all-hating,

or loving, but not all-loving,

that Creator would not be a Creator in which I could fully hope.

Logically the Creator must be all-loving for reality to make sense. If the Creator is all-powerful, all-knowing & all-hating (or just loving, not all-loving), that Creator would not be worth trusting.  Also, if we say the Creator is all-hating we would be implying there is such thing as love, which we would then need to define outside of ourselves (since we are imperfect and incapable of full emulating perfect love).

This Creator is the only Being capable of true love since he is the definition of it.  Humans may have an idea of love and may show love to those we deem worthy of it, but the Creator’s love is unconditional, which is something most humans cannot accomplish.  This Creator would be the absolute standard of goodness.

The Creator must be all-Just. 

Now that we have established that the Creator must be all-powerful, all-knowing, & all-loving, we can explain how the Creator must be all-just.

We explained earlier that the Creator doesn’t simply know our thoughts, but also our understanding when we think the thoughts we think or perform the actions we perform.

This Creator has given all people a conscience which speaks to all throughout our lives.  Everyone’s level of understanding will affect how much they are able to accurately communicate with their conscience.  Whether or not a person wants to pursue understanding is a matter of will for each individual.

Because not all understand reality the same way, the Creator would be unjust to solely regard people as good or bad based on their thoughts and actions.  If the Creator doesn’t consider each individual persons intent and understanding of reality, this Creator would not be just.

If the Creator is all the things we said the Creator must be, then reality can make sense.

All living beings can rest assured that if we want to know of the Creator, this eternal being would point us in the direction we must go and will reveal what needs to be revealed to us while we navigate life.  This is true all the time if the Creator is those 4 things… All-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving, and all-just.

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