Talking Truth and Purpose

Truth and Purpose

The fact that there are certain laws and truths that exist in reality is the first step to understand the mysteries of life.

Once we can agree upon the existence of truth we then can begin to search for these truths hidden in plain sight throughout reality.

All humans will come to their own conclusions of what they believe to be truth.  Some may deny the existence of truth, but ultimately decide their truth is that they do not believe in truth.

Next, one should ask if there is such thing as a purpose.

We hear it said a lot that purpose is what you make it.

True as this may be, it can be taken out of context as well.

Truth is absolute.

Truth is unchanging.

But at the same time, we hold beliefs about what we find true.

We build our purpose based on these truths we believe.

Humans are imperfect.

Because humans are imperfect, we believe truths that are incorrect and these false truths get mixed in with the true truths.

Why does truth even matter?

Well, it doesn’t unless there is something else we are missing.

We can’t have an absolute purpose of life without asking who defines what this purpose is.

If we say we are all free to choose what purpose is, then we deny an objective purpose (unless you say the objective purpose is everyone is free to choose their purpose).

Once we do this we lose our ability to say anyone is ever wrong for anything.

We can here invoke some philosophy that attempts to do away with wrong and right.

We can say things are not good or bad, or right or wrong,

things just are.

We could express our beliefs as life being a world of illusions.

yet have no logical reason to believe this.

It actually goes against what our conscience tells us.

To say some of the most heinous of crimes are not really bad goes against what our faculties and very being tell us.

To say there is no eternal absolute purpose leaves all as permissible.

Sure one might not do things for fear of imprisonment,

but if one is sure to get away with a thing, there is no real reason not to do it.

Lying and cheating are okay, as long as we don’t get caught.

Some very well live like this.

We do what we do because we have been socialized into our type of mentality,

All have a random set of genetic makeup dealt with certain proclivities.

We all have a certain level of intelligence.

Some have mental handicaps.

Some experienced love while others not so much, and as a result, their attitudes and personalities are affected.

All have a conscience which interacts with each of us within our minds constantly.

We make decisions based on beliefs we have created since our beginnings.

We constantly change, yet remain mostly the same throughout our lives.

It takes deep thinking about everything to begin to see a small something.

How was the universe created?

Is the universe eternal?

Science doesn’t support this idea.

We see there must’ve been a beginning.

If there was a beginning, who began it.

One could argue the universe created itself.

The problem is if the universe came into existence,

then before it existed it could not have created itself since it didn’t exist.

There has to always have been something.

This something must be eternal.

One could call it the universe,

but it is important to see it isn’t logical that it is impersonal.

All the order and logic that permeates reality is a sign of an orderly and logical Creator.

An orderly and logical Creator who is the absolute standard.

If this being is not an absolute standard then he is not worth mentioning.

This creator must be all-good and all-powerful or else not worth believing in.

You see, to me logic points to a logical Creator with the power to create something out of nothing.

My understanding and feeling of love points to an eternal form of this love.

This Creator is the eternal form of this love.

This eternal love is all-just.

All people vary in intelligence and understanding.

This eternal absolute standard of good will one day justly confront us for all we have done while here.

Many may have committed the same crimes, but the intent of the heart is what the creator will look at.

The understanding a person had when committing all things, the ideologies and socialization of all particular cultures throughout history will be considered righteously by the Creator.

No one will be forced to be anywhere in eternity they do not want to be.

We can say things just are, and seek out harmony with the universe.

We hear it said to seek out The Way and to live in union with nature,

We hear the creator is love.

It isn’t until we make a decision within ourselves to seek out these things,

that we truly can accomplish our purpose.

Some may say, there is a multitude of people who have died who never conceived of the type of Creator that I have proclaimed.

They to will one day stand before this just eternal standard and will be allowed to give an account for all they accomplished while alive, or the lack thereof.

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