Who Is Ananomyx?


Ananomyx is an individual who doesn’t care if you know his name.  He simply wants to give a reason for his view on the meaning of life.  This is the writing section of the site.  He likes to create music as well which you can find here.  He also writes (this of which is the first entry on the site, hope you subscribe for more 😉).

At one point relativism was the embraced worldview.  Imprisonment led to an investigation of reality, and to ponder upon and test words written in history.  Philosophers of old opened my eyes to the truth and our ability to arrive at it if, the correct logic is utilized.

The idea that no objective truth exists quickly became impossible when I thought about the following…

“When I say there is no objective truth,  I am proclaiming an objective truth (which is what I am attempting to show doesn’t exist.) “

Once I realized the contradiction I was speaking, I promised to begin a search for truths which are revealed to us throughout the universe.

There are universal truths and laws interwoven into the fabric of the universe that one must take into account.  The consistency of these laws and truths, which continue constantly every second could only cause an unquenched yearning to arise from within me.

This passion which arose within my faculties is one I know others share and the goal is to explore and discuss with others what conclusions we arrive at, and to defend with reason, how we arrive at those ideas.

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